Membership Dues

Hi Members,

Dues this year will be $126 for the full year with the option of paying all at once or in two installments of $63.00. Checks may be given to Bonnie directly or mailed to PO Box 364, Brooklyn, MI 49230.

Several of you have requested the option of paying your dues online. If you opt to pay online, you will be charged extra to offset our merchant fees.

If you choose online payment, please fill out the form below. Once you click submit, you will be taken to PayPal for payment using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal account. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay online.

Pay Dues

Pay your dues here.

  • Please list the names of members you are renewing for. If you are renewing for more than one member, click the plus sign to add another field.
  • Price: $131.10
    Please put the quantity in this field. For one membership, enter 1. This will charge $131.10 ($126 for our annual dues plus $5.10 processing fee.)
  • Price: $66.10
    If you are only paying half of your dues at this time, please put the number of members you are paying for in the quantity field. You will be charged $66.10 ($63 plus $3.10 in processing fees.) If you choose this option, the remaining dues must be paid no later than March 1, 2022.